Foot Reflexology Massage

This 10 to 15 minutes massage is specially targeted at reflex points on your feet.

This is especially useful to promote blood circulation, as well as relax, soothe and give relief to thoroughly weary or tired fee.

Back massage

This 10 minutes massage is performed while you are in a sitting position.

This is an extremely popular service because many feel the stress of work and usually end up with tight and knotted muscles in the upper body. This massage covers the lower back, upper back, shoulders, neck as well as head.

Neck Shoulder Massage

Many people suffer tremendous work-stress in their daily life. People who are under stress show neck and shoulder stiffness as these are mostly effected body regions by mental stress. A relaxing massage to neck and shoulder area reduces muscle stiffness and makes one feel relaxed.

Nail Art

Female guests or employee attending the event would be super excited to see the Nail artists. Our skilled and experts artists can create design to compliment the look with beautiful nail art.